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Volpi Clean Facility Announcement


SCHLIEREN, Switzerland, Nov. 17, 2016


The Volpi Group is pleased to announced the company’s new, state-of-the-art clean room at its ISO 13485 certified Zurich, Switzerland site. The facility expands both the company’s manufacturing capacity and its commitment to product performance and quality.

Volpi made the expansion because of growing demand for its specialized optic products. After the buildout of the new facility was complete, production capacity was scaled up rapidly. Production reliability and efficiency was defined, tested and optimized.

The new clean room allows Volpi to assemble its optic products in a unique environment with strict controls for dust, room pressure and temperature, and other variables.  The new facility also was designed to meet lean manufacturing principles for improving productivity and includes a paperless workflow. The carefully-designed single-piece flow ensures that Volpi’s products are assembled and tested efficiently and adjustments to changes in customer demand can be made quickly.

Among the most interesting production features are new tools specifically designed to meet Volpi’s unique requirements for producing precision optic modules at scale. They include a robotic gluer that enables unprecedented precision as components are joined.

“Volpi’s production of high-precision optoelectronic modules in our new clean facility includes specially-designed controls, processes and workflows that make the company and our products unique,” said Raoul Donath, chief operating officer of the Volpi Group. “We believe our optoelectronic modules always have set the standard for precision, quality and reliability. Our new clean room is helping us to deliver even higher standards of performance and quality to our customers, who are doing life-changing work in diagnostics and research.”

Press contact:
Dr. Harald Kraushaar
Executive Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing