Lean Manufacturing and Testing -
ISO 13485 certified



Reliable Assembly and Testing of Optical Modules

The assembly processes in production are largely designed according to lean manufacturing principles. Accordingly equipped workstations and optimized in-house production logistics ensure a high degree of efficiency and quality.

Modules with extremely high optical requirements in terms of dust-free condition, e.g. for applications in genome analysis, are assembled in clean rooms.

Components and module tests performed using testing equipment developed by Volpi are integral elements of the production processes.

Processes and Methods


Solid Processes and Established Methods for Manufacturing Your Products

Optimally equipped workstations with clear work instructions ensure a consistently high product quality.

Ergonomic Workdesks for Lean Production
Lean LED Light Source Assembly in One-Piece Flow

Dedicated employees are essential for a consistently high product quality:

Fiber Optic Mass Production
Precision Optics Assembly

Conformity and Quality


We are aware of our responsibility to ensure impeccable product quality. To that end, potential risks are identified and minimized along the entire product realization chain.Ongoing inspections of the manufacturing processes and a functional test at the end of the production process yield the highest attainable quality.

Continuous process auditing by our employees and independent Auditors is a given and motivates us to improve every day. Compliance with legal standards is mandatory, and we meet regulatory requirements through our well defined and executed quality management system.

  • Risk management - ISO 14971
  • Useability engineering - ISO 62366