Tailor-made Optoelectronic Modules
for IVD and Life Sciences



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As an engineering service provider and an OEM supplier for optical systems, our company develops tailored modules for customers in in vitro diagnostics, life sciences, and medical technology.

OEM Module Solutions

Thermal Cycler Module Assembly and Maintenance
PCR-Thermal Cycler Module Production, Testing and Refurbishment for a Global IVD Company 

Production, Testing and refurbishment of thermal cycler modules for molecular diagnostics instruments which are in use worldwide.

Miniature multi-wavelength photometer module for PCR-based POC Molecular Diagnostics
Miniature Multi-Wavelength Photometer Module for PCR-Based POC Molecular Diagnostics for a Global IVD Company

Industrialization, mass production and testing of a spectrophotometer module for PCR-based molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases at the point of care. Includes LEDs, filters, lenses, mirrors, photodiodes and electronics.

Automated Fluorescence Microscope Module for Next Gen. Sequencing for a Global Life Sciences Company

Industrialization and production of a fluorescence microscope module for next Gen. Sequencing. Operates automatically for 36 hours and includes LEDs, filters, optical elements, high-resolution camera, XY table, autofocus module and electronics.

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Fluorescence Microscope for Genetic Barcoding
Fluorescence Microscope for Genetic Barcoding for a Start-Up Company

Industrialization of a fluorescence microscope for genetic barcoding applications in genome research.

Digital Reflectometer for Clinical Chemistry for a Global IVD Company

Development, design of multi-LED based light engine delivering extremely homogeneous light at enlarged area of the sample in high throughput analysers clinical chemistry. Additionally cost and manufacturing processes have been optimized. The modules replace halogen based illumination in new instruments and enable the retrofit of the installed instrument base. The enhanced area of homogeneous illumination enables 2-3 times higher sample throughput per day and the modules require significantly less maintenance than the halogen based illumination systems used so far.

Fiber Optic Assembly for Sample Illumination and Detection in PCR
Fiber Optics Assembly for PCR-Sample Illumination and Detection

Development and mass production of a light guide assembly with Peltier element and sample holder for PCR. Contains fiber optic bundles for separate optical excitation and readout of 24 samples. For use in molecular diagnostics. 

Fiber Optic-based Excitation and Readout Module for Cell Metabolism Measurement
Fiber Optic-based Excitation and Readout Module for Cell Metabolism Measurement

Development and mass production of a fiber optic excitation and readout module for fluorescence measurement of the metabolic and respiratory status of cells in microplates for Seahorse Bioscience (Agilent).

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Optoelectronic Measuring Module for Spectroscopic Measurement of Markers in Capillary Electrophoresis
Optoelectronic Measuring Module for Spectroscopic Measurement of Markers in Capillary Electrophoresis

Development of a spectrometer module for detection of multiple markers in a 50-micron capillary tube with a detection limit of 10-11 molar. Includes light source, spectrometer, fiber optics, sensors and electronics.

LED Solution for Endovenous Laser Treatment
LED Solution for Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser treatment is a widespread method for therapy of varicose veins. The LED technology developed by Volpi considerably lowers the thermal load during the Intervention and precisely directs it at the vein wall to be treated.

Ductoscope for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Ductoscope for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

FDA-approved diagnostic test System consisting of an optical needle probe with a Diameter of 0.5 mm, a recessed camera head, and a light source incl. control and software analysis.

LED-based Light Systems for Ophthalmologic Surgery
LED-based Light Systems for Ophthalmologic Surgery

Development and mass production of a range of LED light systems for ophthalmologic surgery. Includes LEDs, Peltier cooling module with controller, electronics for control of light intensity and color, light guide couplers, and light guides (consumables).    

Color Measurement
Color Measurement

Homogeneous light over the entire illuminated area and a high degree of color fidelity of the light cube are essential for color measurement in adjustment of RGB color balance in smartphone production, production of high-grade textile fibers, and automotive painting.

Hybrid Halogen and LED Light Engine
Light Modules and Light Sources

Selecting the right light source for the given application is crucial. We have been developing and producing light modules and light sources with different illuminators such as halogen, xenon and LED light sources for over 15 years now, and most recently laser light sources. Besides supplying top light quality and intensity, our products are extremely reliable and maintenance-friendly. Developed and manufactured to ISO 13485, they are used in endoscopy, ophthalmology, phototherapy, microscopy, and image processing. Examples of typical characteristics are given below.


  • Illuminance > 100,000 lux
  • Fiber coupling for diameters from 100 microns to 30 mm
  • Light variation < 1%
  • Color rendering index (CRI) > 90
  • Long-term stability > 50,000 operating hours
  • Variable color setting
Multi-Channel, Five Color Fiber Optic Illumination for Colimetry
Light Transmission with Fiber Optics

Fiber opticsOptical fibers have been used for decades for reliable and flexible transmission of light. Their diversity, flexibility, cost-effectiveness for small batch sizes, and durability are only a few of their advantages. We have the right fiber optic solution for every demanding application:

  • Fiber optic cables
  • Fiber optic bundles
  • Fiber optic ring lights and light lines
  • Fiber optic measuring heads and sensors
  • Imaging fiber optic bundles